Getting your childs first pair of glasses can be a tricky job, especially if you’ve never worn them yourself.
At THE OPTICAL SHOP we carry a large range of childrens specs.

Children have specific facial measurements which require certain special types of frames. The built-up bridges and curl sides on our Zeiss childrens frames will ensure a good centration and reduced slippage on young children with underdeveloped bridges. These frames are specifically requested by top Ophthalmologists for younger children.

Harry Potter styles are a good choice for children, not just because they will like the style, but also because their rounded shape will deter children from looking over their specs, negating their benefit.

Children have many extra-curricular interests and it is important that they have optical aids to suit their activities. We offer prescription swimming goggles, sports specs and sunglasses for children.

We understand that safety is of paramount importance when dealing with children. For this reason we offer safe and light polycarbonate or trivex lenses to be glazed into the frames. The trivex lens is a new type of polycarbonate material that combines optical clarity with increased robustness, it will ensure that your children get the best result from their specs…even in the yard!

We know that kids will be kids! damage and breakages are unavoidable and so we offer an extensive aftercare service. Most frames will carry a 1 year warranty period, which will cover manufacturing faults. We perform regular adjustments and repairs at any time with no appointment necessary.

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