In THE OPTICAL SHOP, our optometrists have a wealth of experience and a particular interest in fitting all leading brands of soft daily disposables, soft monthly and soft toric and progressive contact lenses.

  • Contact lenses continue to become more and more popular for both cosmetic and practical reasons in sport. We also fit all types of gas permeable lenses.
  • As a fully independent practice, we have unrestricted access to all types of contact lenses available and will choose the lens most suitable for you. THE OPTICAL SHOP is credited as Johnson & Johnson Centre of Excellence.
  • A contact lens assessment takes approximately 30 minutes. During your consultation we will examine the ocular surface and the tear film of the eye and assess if contact lenses are suitable for you. We will also explain and demonstrate how to insert and remove your contact lenses safely and discuss lens care and hygiene. We recommend a yearly check-up to maintain good ocular health
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