• Thanks so much to Kate and all the team at THE OPTICAL SHOP for their personal , fun and friendly service .
    I’m really happy with my new glasses, Oliver People’s “Wacks” as inspired by New Girl!
    Louise May
  • Picking out new glasses is roundabout the most confusing thing you can ever do, they all look the same. Luckily, in THE OPTICAL SHOP they do it for you. They cycle through 20 odd pairs with a certain frustration and then suddenly (gasp) “they’re perfect!” and you leave under the impression that your glasses are somehow ‘cool’. Within a day you’ll have forgotten what your old pair looked like, and have trouble explaining the new pair without looking at them. But the friendly staff here have reassured you that not only are you not a nerd, but you’re actually a bit of a legend. Great shop.
  • When dealing with clients it’s always important to look your best, and nothing tops off a professional look better than a slick pair of specs. I’ve tried different opticians over the years, but have been delighted with the variety of choice and personal service that I received at THE OPTICAL SHOP. They helped me in choosing a pair of specs that suit my profession, personality and budget perfectly. My glasses have now become a part of my persona, and I feel incomplete without them!
    Thanks to all at THE OPTICAL SHOP.
    Jason Doherty
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